our new digs

Lucky. Blessed. Grateful – those are the words that first come to mind when I think of our new flat.

Hot. Dark. Hungry – those are the next, because in order to afford it, we sparingly turn on the air-conditioner. we live by the light of the Telly. and food has become a luxury.

Sacrifices aside, to say I love our new digs would be putting it mildly. I basically never want to move out EVER – well, for as long as we’re in Dubai anyway. It is unfortunate for Poss that he set the bar high by moving into this building from the start because it’s like Hotel California – you just never want to leave! At one point, when we were toying around with buying a property, we looked at many places within the Marina but none really compared to ours in terms of layout, size, design – not to mention our almost unobstructed view. No matter the place, something always wasn’t quite right.

So moving to a bigger space within the same building was perfect! And if I was already pleased as punch with the 2 bedroom we were in before, now I was positively over the moon with the 3! It’s not only almost double the size, but also has a maid’s come storage room plus a study nook, so it really feels like there’s a place for everything.

More importantly, it has that one essential criteria of any self-respecting Diva …. a walk-in wardrobe! YAY! I must confess that when I first saw it, I felt like I had just stepped into that hilarious Heineken commercial. Of course our walk-in is nowhere near as big but who cares! I was actually happy just to have a wardrobe in my actual room – period. Because in our old flat, Poss had hijacked all the wardrobe space in the master bedroom before I even moved in! (I’m not the only Diva in this relationship) All my clothes used to be in the spare bedroom which could be somewhat inconvenient when we had guests. So the walk-in is a real bonus!

As for the rest of the flat, apart from needing to kit out the 3rd bedroom with some curtains and a new bed, all our other furniture fit in seamlessly – with space to spare! You can never really have too much space I reckon, as long as you’re fortunate enough to not have to clean said space yourself. Poss however, thinks me and space is a dangerous thing because I’ll invariably find an excuse to fill it – so not true! We’ve been here a month and I’ve refrained from buying anything at all – you know, on account of our austerity drive and food being more a necessity over that console I just have to have!

Rental payments in Dubai are such that you pay the whole year’s rent upfront. It’s madness I know! You can sometimes negotiate for more installments but that often sees your rent being raised to compensate. With rental prices dropping, fingers crossed we’ll be able to get a better deal next year. Failing which, Poss is just going to hafta start selling his body on the street! But that’s next year’s worry. For now, I’m just going to kick back, relax and enjoy every bit of it – especially the wardrobe!

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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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