My Diva Life


Now based in Kuala Lumpur, these are the adventures of an ex-expat dubai (diva) wife – still taking it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

The Players

  • The Diva – no longer gets asked for ID • allergic to housework • can cook more than an egg • ex advertising slave • now part-time consultant slave • always the princess
  • The Hubby – he’s Poss to me (not to be confused with Boss, because we know who that really is) • my toyboy by 22 days • is totally lost without me
  • The Boys – Ari & Khai • my 2 adult step-sons, who still love taking the mickey out of me • only because I let them
  • The Cats – Max, who’s king of the castle • he takes the mickey out of everybody • Matilda & Tammy • the 2 desert rescues we just couldn’t leave behind • they terrorise everyone, especially the king of the castle
  • The OAPs – that’s Old Age Pensioners to you, but who we lovingly refer to as Mum & Dad • we all live together • and yes, it’s total chaos

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