bubbles & dogs

Day 197 • Wednesday • 18 Feb 15 • Today’s High 32º

Poss & I absolutely love hot dogs, even going so far as ranking it up there with Nasi Lemak. Whenever we’re in London, one of the few restaurants we like to pop into is bubbledogs – an oh so trendy little champagne & gourmet hot dog bar in Charlotte Street. This place is so popular, we often line-up like eager beavers before it even opens just to make sure we get a table. Yep, even Divas have to queue sometimes.

So tonight, in honour of the hot dog, we kicked the weekend off early by having our own bubbledogs night, hosted by Rock & Heidi. They stay in a fantastic apartment downtown with an amazing view of the Burj Khalifah. Even more mind boggling than the view however was the amount of food they had prepared. Surely it’s not only the 4 of us? But it was! Admittedly, I was a little famished but one dog in a half but fully loaded foot long bun and I was pretty much done. The Tiramisu and Banoffee Pie desserts would just have to wait for another day.

One great thing about having Heidi & Rock as friends is that they have made Dubai their home, so we never have to worry about them packing up and leaving anytime soon. If anything, they’re more worried about us doing a runner, which I have to say is highly likely! Hanging out with them is always a laugh because often, the most trivial things come up. Like tonight, I discovered that my ring fingers are substantially longer than my index fingers – of course I was the only special one at the table that appeared to have this little oddity. 43 years I’ve had these fingers and never thought anything of them and now I can’t stop blooming staring at them! Even all the way home in the car I was mesmerised by how strange they looked even though I had never thought them freaky before. (What’s a bet that you’re sitting there now checking out the length of your fingers?)

I guess I’ll just have to file it under “another Farah quirk” because I apparently also have somewhat longish arms – a fact that was made known to me in Australia while I was having an x-ray. There I was in the machine when I suddenly heard the nurse in the corner quip “Doesn’t she have unusually long arms?” – hello! I’m right here you know – I can hear you! Poss of course just can’t help himself taking the piss and likens me to King Louie skipping through his arms in the Swingdance scene of the Jungle Book, complete with sound effects. He calls it a term of endearment, I call it “Do you want to sleep outside tonight?”.

Thankfully the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and all my quirks somehow come together in the fab package that is me! So thanks again Heidi & Rock for a wonderful evening. Now I’m wondering what trivial thing is going to come up at our next get together!

UPDATE: 2 Apr 15

Isn’t it funny how when your attention is brought to something, it suddenly pops up all over the place. So today, a link came up on my Facebook page about how the length of your ring finger can say a lot about your personality. Of course I just had to click through and lo & behold, the link started with “It can be said that people with longer ring fingers are mostly good looking” – enuff said 🙂


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