love is in the air

Day 193 • Friday • 14 Feb 15 • Today’s High 31º

Ah  … Valentine’s Day. A day of overpriced flowers and dinners. Poss & I don’t do Valentine’s Day because every day is Valentine’s Day to us. Yeah, right!

So in true Possum fashion, we celebrated today by lolling around in our jammies all afternoon, watching telly and sharing a Papa John’s pizza for lunch, which to me is just about perfect because Poss even threw a cuddle in there somewhere. Thank God for little miracles! But little did I know, he had something else up his sleeve. Apparently, he had ordered a bunch of flowers for me from … Groupon. You ordered flowers from where? I had to laugh – it’s quite unlike my Poss to be so romantic & practical at the same time. Romantic sometimes, maybe but never practical!

The only problem was, by the time the evening rolled around and we were heading out the door to a party, the flowers still hadn’t arrived. Needless to say, Poss was not impressed but there wasn’t much we could do about it right then. So off we went to the party which was being hosted by a friend of Svetlana’s who I will call Snow. And yes, it is because she has alabaster skin with hair as black as ebony. She’s also half Emirati & half Scottish, has a wicked sense of humour and always glamorously looks like she’s just stepped off the set of Mad Men. I love that we meet such fascinating people here.

Being a school night, we didn’t stay out too late. Poss turns into a Pumpkin after 9pm on account he has to wake up so early for work. Got back home and there still wasn’t any unexpected late night delivery of the flowers. Oh well, it’s the thought that matters right?

UPDATE: 15 Feb 15


So he really did order some flowers! Lo & behold, after lots of nasty emails by Poss to both Groupon and the Vendor, my Valentine flowers arrived today. Only a day late but who cares when you have 100 stems of love …. Awwww, thanks Poss – you’re the best xxx


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