do you know what time it is?

Day 200 • Saturday • 21 Feb 15 • Today’s High 33º

While being overseas experiencing new adventures is exciting & all, being away from family really sucks. And the one thing I dread above everything is the unexpected phone call, because the news on the other end is often less than pleasant.

So when Olivia Newton John’s Xanadu filtered into my dreams before the crack of dawn this morning, I awoke with a start and then panicked – Xanadu is my Mum’s ringtone. Well at least that must mean she’s ok right? I swear, it took me forever to nervously slide that cursor to answer the phone. I was kinda freaking out, my heart was beating a mile a minute and I was a little scared to speak. Finally, after a short pause, I managed a weak hello and braced myself for what the voice on the other end was going to sound like. And that’s when I heard her – my Mother, all bright eyed & bushy tailed, greeting me with a cheerful “Hellooooo! Did I wake you?”???!!!

Once the relief had spread through my body, I did what any good daughter would do and let it rip! “Are you trying to kill me Mum??” “Do you know what time it is??” “This had better be good!!” As it turned out, my Mum was actually calling to make sure I was ok because my Aunt had told her that an apartment building in the area we live in had caught fire overnight. Poss and I were of course oblivious to this even though the apartment block in question was just across the Marina from us. Our double glazed windows must be really good because we didn’t hear a thing – not even a siren. Ironically, the block that caught fire is called The Torch and torched it was on one side of the building. Thankfully, everyone made it out ok.

So ok Mum, you’re forgiven 🐻 But for future reference, just in case anyone from home ever feels like a chat, try to keep in mind that Dubai is 4 hours behind KL yeah – unless of course you enjoy being yelled at 😉


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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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