6º of separation

Day 38 • Friday • 12 Sept 14 • Today’s High 38º

When I first told everyone I was moving to Dubai, it seemed like everyone & his cat knew someone who was living here. The sheer amount of contacts that were thrown at me was daunting and towards the end, quite overwhelming. I get that everyone has my best interest at heart but when it comes to a hook up that’s 3 times removed from the contact’s inner circle, I’m thinking I may pass on that. Not because I’m ungrateful but because I feel I’m not desperate enough (yet) to beg that much of a stranger to be my friend.

At 43, I never thought I’d ever have to find new friends because I already have the best mates in my world. To be honest, I really didn’t want to. Being away from home though does make you want to connect with anything and even though I decided to draw the line at 1º, you wouldn’t believe how many people I’ve already met that are fab – No begging involved!

I think Malaysians are warm people but it’s nothing like Dubai. Perhaps it’s because most of the people I’ve met are expats like me but regardless of who or what they are, they’ve been so accepting. To be fair, I’ve been very lucky – Poss already had a few friends here who have embraced me so wholeheartedly and their wives have done the same. And because of that, I didn’t need to try so hard. But that is what Dubai seems like to me – a sea of transients with their own fascinating histories, who at one time or another, were where I am now.

What does all that mean? Basically, I can be the exact princess I was at home and it’s ok!  Thank God for little blessings 🙂


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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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