the thing about fairy tales

Day 40 • Sunday • 14 Sept 14 • Today’s High 36º

Today I woke up an expat Mum! And before you try to wrap your head around that one, the only miracle involved was the miracle of flight! Yes, the kids have arrived for a splash & dash visit – yay!

It’s surreal to think that they’re gonna become a pair of seasoned travellers soon – it all seems rather exotic that part of their school holidays will now invariably involve a 7 hour plane ride to & fro. Thank God for frequent flyer points! I must admit, I was a little nervous about them traveling long distance by themselves for the first time but they sailed through like a couple of jet-setters. It’s amazing how they can never seem to find anything in their room but yet they can navigate Dubai airport!

The last time the kids were here, we didn’t have our flat yet and Poss was quite literally living in a shoebox, so needless to say, we stayed in a Hotel. Well, any ideas the boys had of this or any future trip being a Hotel stay kinda holiday were quickly dashed before they could say ‘Room Service’. Yep, I made sure to crack that whip nice & early coz if I hafta make my own bed, so do they! From “this is not a hotel” & “I’m not the maid” to “use a coaster”, they were up to speed by breakfast – that was 8am.

It all seems so evil stepmother cruel doesn’t it? I remember a little girl telling me once that I was bad, which I of course took to mean ‘bad ass‘ as in cool – which self loving Diva wouldn’t?! What she actually meant was evil bad and when I asked why, she quite innocently replied, because you’re a stepmother – thanks for that Disney! So you see, I’m merely trying to live up to my reputation.

Kidding aside, I’m blessed to have 2 pretty terrific step kids who I truly adore. What I don’t adore so much is how they enjoy ganging up with their Father to take the mickey out of me, which is any chance they get! But with any fairy tale, there must be a hero & a villain and as long as we’re all together, laughing & having a ball, playing the role of the bad ass stepmother is really not that bad at all.


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