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Day 495 • Sunday • 13 Dec 15 • Today’s High 25º

… the ironing board! So I just got back to Dubai and I know I keep harping on about the blooming ironing but I just hate it so damn much! I even have a schedule down pat that minimizes how much ironing I need do each week – miss a week and all hell breaks loose!

To be fair, Poss does send his work clothes to the laundry – for the record, that’s more out of necessity than any Princess demand. The necessity being if I did it, he might often have to turn up in just his tie. So really, it’s just our casual clothes that require washing & ironing. But after a month of being away, even those can pile up. What I wasn’t expecting upon my return however was a mountain of unironed boxer shorts piled sky high!

I often used to wonder why Poss seemed to have such an obsession with buying new boxer shorts every time we went shopping. I’m like, we can hardly fit them in your drawer so enough already! Now I know why! It turns out that if you have enough boxer shorts, you can go a whole month without having to recycle them! Thankfully, he had at least washed them, but judging by the 2 pairs left in his drawer, I arrived back just in the nick of time. I must have counted close to 40 pairs as I stood there for what seemed like ages ironing his bottomless pit of boxers.

Thanks for the welcome home Poss! Sigh, even Divas have to earn their keep somehow.


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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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