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Day 191 • Thursday • 12 Feb 15 • Today’s High 31º

So we’re back in Dubai and it’s already the weekend which means meeting up with our mates, woot! By the look of our social calendar this weekend, you’d think we had tons of friends here but in reality, we only have a few – we just see those few A LOT! Tonight we had a birthday dinner for Svetlana.

Svetlana is the cousin of a friend of ours from home and has truly been a Godsend for me here. She’s shown me the ropes, introduced us to some really nice people and is my go-to girl for all things Diva in Dubai. I must admit, I was a bit nervous meeting her in the beginning because you really never know if you’re going to click or it’s going to end up being one long awkward night. So the first time we met, I headed out armed with my best behaviour (which is no easy task) only to pleasantly discover that she’s almost as mad as I am and that’s when all hell broke loose! As it turns out, it truly must take one Diva to attract another because not only did we hit it off, we also discovered we knew people in common back home – small world. And in case you’re wondering, she’s neither Russian nor is her real name Svetlana – that’s just her blog calling card. When I told her I only use people’s initials or nicknames in my blog, like a true Diva, she insisted on creating a whole persona for herself and thus Svetlana was born. Gotta love it!

Sadly for us, Svetlana will be leaving Dubai this year and I’m really going to miss her heaps. Apparently, being an expat also means having to get used to people leaving all the time which kinda sucks. Thankfully however, have Diva and you will travel so I fully intend on terrorising her once in a while, wherever she ends up next in the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you my Russian socialite!

So tonight, a group of us celebrated her birthday at, where else, but La Petite Maison. Although it didn’t seem as packed as usual, it sure seemed louder for some reason. That of course didn’t stop us from still being one of the last to leave – I think they were literally willing us to the door. The night still seemed relatively young though, so we headed to Zuma Bar & Lounge which was still buzzing with people. Even though Zuma is pretty big, we still had trouble finding a place to park ourselves but finally found a nook by the DJ console. Now you’d think if there’s a DJ, there might be some dancing going down, even if it’s involuntary movements. Alas that’s not the case in Zuma which we found out in no uncertain terms!

You see, we were just chilling at first enjoying the music but at one point it must have gotten good enough to compel us to ‘move it! move it!’ and we started kinda dancing amongst ourselves. Admittedly, we were doing more than involuntary movements and may have been “raising the roof” (ok, it may have just been me waving my hands in the air ) when someone came up to us and basically said we had to stop dancing because it was not allowed. Say what? I didn’t actually hear the guy so I thought Poss was kidding at first to specifically stop me dancing because he’s always teasing me about what he calls my ‘white-girl-moves’ (hello pot. have you met kettle?). I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry – was he serious? Apparently so and it’s basically because their license doesn’t cover dancing. Why play good dance music then right? I’m still convinced it was just an elaborate plot by Poss to stop me dancing.

Regardless, rather than risk having our asses hauled out of there, we stopped dancing and enjoyed the rest of the night like the civilised people we are. Which wasn’t very long because the birthday girl soon started swaying a little too involuntarily and we called it a night.

So remember, if you’re in Dubai and wanna go dancing, make sure there’s a license to dance. But if you happen to find yourself in Zuma, don’t throw your hands up in the air no matter how much the rhythm wants to get you! Gawd – it must be way past my bedtime or my white girl really is starting to show :facepalm:


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