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Day 189 • Tuesday • 10 Feb 15 • Today’s High 29º

Can someone please tell me where January went? It seems like only yesterday I arrived home to enjoy a month-long holiday and now I’m already back in Dubai! I guess that’s what happens when your nephew gets married and you’re running around like a headless chook coz your Mother has volunteered you as a co-wedding planner. Just because I’ve been around the block twice, people seem to think I’m suddenly some kind of expert or something.

I forgot how exhausting weddings can be – they’re like a never ending to-do list. And to top it off, my nephew is also the first of the next generation to get married, so no pressure there!

You know you’re getting older when the next generation starts tying the knot – soon there will be babies and you’ll be promoted to Grand Aunt??!! That’s a reality check for someone who still thinks she’s in her 30s despite her creaking bones!

There’s nothing quite like a Malaysian wedding to bring a whole family together. Aunts & cousins spending endless hours tying ribbons & sticking flowers on favour tins, then spending the whole night before the wedding doing up the Bride’s gifts because we wanted the flowers to be as fresh as possible. Even my Aussie Aunts & Uncles who had come over were put to work stuffing chocolates into the 600 favour tins – all for just one day. Makes my back break just thinking about it!

IMG_2121   IMG_2167

Thankfully it was a simple and elegant wedding that went off without a hitch. The fact that my Father didn’t come to us after with a whole list of what could have been done better was a big yay moment! And then of course there was my nephew who beamed from ear to ear – until I told him in no uncertain terms that there aren’t to be any babies till I’m ready to be a Grand Aunt. Hey, he may be married but that doesn’t mean I have to stop giving him a hard time right?


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