happy christmas

Day 142 • Thursday • 25 Dec 14 • Today’s High 25º

I can’t believe it’s Christmas already! It’s funny how time moves fast & slow at the same time. Like I kinda feel I’ve been in Dubai forever but yet it only seems like yesterday that I moved. It’s like living in parallel universes.

I love the holiday season – all the pretty lights, beautiful decorations and more importantly, the Christmas sales! Hey, I’ve got to stock my wardrobe at some time, so best to do it at half price right? And believe you me, I was the recipient of many Xmas pressies to myself lol!

Of course above all that (even the shopping) – for us, it’s about family time. We usually spend Christmas day at my sister-in-law’s house tucking into her awesome turkey with all the kids mucking about, doing their best to shatter our ear drums with squeals of delight at the sight of their presents. Needless to say therefore that our 1st Christmas in Dubai felt rather quiet.

But even though we didn’t get home this year, thankfully, we were able to celebrate an early Christmas with the boys, complete with presents under a mini tree and a roast dinner cooked by this Domestic Goddess to boot. Ok, it wasn’t a turkey but it was roast beef with big fat yorkies and apple crumble for dessert! Did someone just say yum?

One weird thing about Christmas in Dubai is that it’s not a public holiday. Well it’s weird for 2 Malaysians who are used to having a plethora of public holidays to celebrate almost every festival season under the sun! So our Christmas Day effectively kicked off at 4pm when Poss got home from work. But because we had already opened all our pressies, it was just about hugs & kisses and I can live with that. Normally I have to pin him down to steal them off him!

We had dinner at our fav restaurant – La Petite Maison. They didn’t have a Xmas menu which I think is great because I don’t really eat much and I refuse to pay the prices of these holiday menus! Not to say LPM is cheap but then again, we do live in Dubai, so what is? All in all, it was a rather subdued Xmas but with a silver lining. We’re off home tomorrow to spend the New Year with our nearest & dearest – yay! Can’t get any better than that.



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