ok, enough with the radio silence

Day 140 • Tuesday • 23 Dec 14  • Today’s High 25º

You can so tell I’m a rookie blogger by the fact there hasn’t been a post update in over 3 months! Where does the time go? It would appear that the job of an expat diva wife is never done – what with all the brunches, shopping, spa days, soireés and being the hostess with the mostess …. the operative word here being appear of course! In reality, there’s a wee sprinkling of said life mixed with a lot of cooking, cleaning, ironing and sitting around in my jammies, pondering what time to hit the shower on any given day. And I really can’t fathom how I’m still getting stuck with doing the ironing, which we all know is one of my biggest hates. Even though Poss has spoiled me with a maid once a week, it doesn’t seem to matter how many hours I have her over, she still never gets to the ironing before she has to head off. I’m convinced there’s a conspiracy going on!

In all honesty though, I have been rather caught up in a whirlwind of activity. First the boys came for a visit, then Poss & I had a little Spanish holiday, then my Mum came, then I went home, then I came back with the boys and we headed to London for a family holiday, then we had an early Christmas and now, here we are. While I do have many half entries in my drafts folder of all my little adventures over the past few months, I never got around to posting them because something always kept of cropping up before I could finish them. Then time kinda ran away with me and before I knew it, it was almost Christmas. Epic fail!

So now I’m on a mission to fill in the blanks because I figure it’s not much of a journal if I have big chunks missing from it. Plus a Diva with no stories makes for one boring Diva life! So please bear with me as I try to update it – all backdated of course, like it just happened, because I’m real pedantic about keeping everything in chronological order. Let’s just hope I don’t confuse myself!


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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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