the search is over!

Day 6 • Monday • 11 August 14 • Today’s High 40ºC

Today I felt FREE! We had pretty much done all the furniture shopping, just a few odds and ends were still needed. I must admit, we actually went to Ikea AGAIN yesterday! I know! But as they say – once bitten, twice shy – so we knew exactly what we needed to do and were in and out with no hair loss. Plus, Ikea on a weekday is not too bad. And just for the record, even that shopping trip got us free delivery & assembly – it’s not hard you see. All that needs to be done now is to wait for everything to be delivered over the course of next week! Yay!

Having said that, if I never see another furniture shop again, it will be too soon! I reckon we did rather well considering it only took us a total of 5 days to almost completely furnish the flat – I usually take longer to decide what I’m gonna wear to an event!

So to treat myself, I had a complete chill day, made all the more special as we were celebrating the 7th birthday of a new little friend of mine (She’s the daughter of one of Poss’ old school mates from London who coincidentally, moved to Dubai when we did. What are the chances?)

Beautiful little girl and a wonderful family. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets coz she loves her chocolate shakes and topped off the evening with dinner at PF Changs in Dubai Mall, so she could catch the dancing fountains. I look forward to more days like these 🙂


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