it had to happen eventually

Day 4 • Saturday • 9 August 14 • Today’s High 41ºC

The day finally came to stock the flat with all the household products needed to actually start cleaning it. The dust was getting somewhat ridiculous by now so we headed to Mall Of The Emirates and Carrefour. Apparently, it’s the best place to get everything we needed as they do carry all the standard brands. It’s also where we bought our vacuum cleaner earlier so we even had coupons we could use – woot!

As with Carrefour’s all over the world, it’s pretty massive filled with almost every deal you can think of. And I hafta say, it was well worth the trip. Firstly coz of all the deals and secondly, it will be a while till I hafta re-stock again coz we bought double of certain things. Before we knew it, our trolley was once again filled to the brim – thank God Poss’ mate was still driving us all over the place. Honestly, I can’t imagine how we could have stocked the flat without him. Depending on when & what time you’re there, the taxi lines at the malls are usually miles long so the last thing you wanna be doing is standing in 40º heat with heaps of stuff, fighting your way through the queue.

And would you believe it, we even found our outdoor furniture in Carrefour. We had been looking for a set to put on our balcony and the only one we had found so far was a 2 seater from Crate & Barrel for AED6K???!! And if you wanted the matching table, you just needed to add another AED1.5K???!! Sure it was nice and I’m all for swanky looking outdoor furniture but really, 6K for something that’s gonna be covered in dust most of the time – even Poss isn’t that mental!

So instead we opted for a 4 seater table & chairs (There was a bit of a heated discussion at first as to whether this set would actually even fit on our balcony. According to Poss, his mate & I have absolutely no sense of space and while I hate to admit it – he was right coz the set fits beautifully on the balcony – Aarggh!). On top of that, we also added 2 loose chairs to put on the other side of the balcony – all that and we got if for under AED2K. Needless to say I’m pretty chuffed and have new respect for Carrefour. Hmmm … with all the money we saved, I think I can see a new handbag in my future.


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