It’s my party!

So I had a birthday recently. Another year older, but not necessarily wiser. As I read on a friend’s FB page the other day … it’s more like just wider. Ain’t that the truth! I can’t believe I’m now closer to 50 than I am to 40, the mind boggles! I used to think 40 was bad enough … boy does life happen when you’re not looking!

But to be honest, I don’t really have a problem with my age. What I do have a problem with is my body feeling like it’s 60, but my mind trying to convince me that I’m still only 35 … tops! My mind is an amusing thing indeed – let’s just hope these old bag of bones don’t trip over themselves and jolt it back to reality 😉

Funnily enough, I was asked prior to my birthday how old I was, and I quite confidently replied that I was a whole year older than I actually am. Math has never been my strong suit, but hey, now it kinda makes me feel like I’ve gained a year … woot!

It was a low key celebration this year – Poss hosted a lovely birthday lunch for me at LPM with most of my girl squad + my mini boy squad. As transient and lonely as I often say Dubai can be, I feel pretty lucky to have such a great group of people here in my life who I completely adore – I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. So to my Dubai squad and everyone from near & far who kindly sent me warm birthday wishes, thank you for all the love, from the bottom of my heart to yours.

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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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