remember the time?

If you’re talking to me, chances are …. probably not. My first question usually is … “Was I there?”, followed by “Was I sober?”.  While some people have a memory like an elephant, I have a memory like a sieve. What can I say, I live in the moment … or in a blur, as the case may be.

So when I had a long-overdue meet up with Mais & Lyds, 2 ex-advertising colleagues who I worked with in the late 90s, it was no surprise that I kept drawing a blank as we reminisced about the good ol’ days. It’s not like I couldn’t remember anything – more like they seemed to remember everything! There were so many little anecdotes about yours truly, I’m pretty sure they made some up.

From falling unceremoniously into drains to learning to cook with Mais where I literally tried to count out how many ikan bilis to put into a sambal, it’s no wonder I couldn’t remember – I’ve obviously blocked most of it out! Filed it away in my mind for all eternity in some dingy locked corner marked “embarrassing moments and what was I thinking?”!

Thankfully, some stories were just about my Prada obsession, love for expensive shoes and insistence on valet parking. And who could forget the epic BBQs at my place, where my Dad would always jokingly complain about seeing all these transactions for “farah-gemuk” on his credit card statements – yes, he did in fact mean Ferragamo! All I can say is, it wasn’t me!

Almost 20 years on, it’s good to see that some things haven’t changed. We’re all pretty much the same as we were back in the day – maybe just a little wiser. What a fab night it was taking a trip down memory lane (even if one of us needed some help remembering) – I haven’t laughed out loud so hard in ages. It may have been eons since we last saw each other but it almost felt like we had never been apart.

And although it took us countless tries to make this mini reunion happen, let’s hope we don’t have to wait a decade for the next one 😉

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Ex-expat Dubai Diva wife - still trying to take it all in her stride, one stiletto at a time!

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