tonight we mingled

Day 9 • Thursday • 14 August 14 • Today’s High 40ºC

One week in and we figured it was time I actually met some people! So Poss gathered up a couple of girls (not those kind of girls – although, one could possibly have mistaken him for a pimp seeing as he was the only guy with us) and we hit the much talked about La Petite Maison at the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC)

Listed under Smart/Casual dining in the The Luxe Guide, this trendy little gem looks rather unassuming from the outside but it’s quite a different story when you step through their glass doors. Being the start of the weekend, it was heaving with Dubai’s ‘beautiful’ social set, propped against a backdrop of light wood-cladded walls, white-clothed tables and a jam packed bar that runs almost the entire length of the restaurant (Btw, it’s a smoking bar). To say it was bustling would be an understatement and while I normally rather a place where I can actually find an empty chair to sit on during pre-dinner drinks, this place has a real nice vibe to it.

I’ve read in reviews however that the staff can be somewhat aloof to new customers. Lucky for us, we were in the company of a couple of regulars, so we were warmly greeted as soon as we walked in with smiles & air kisses galore from what must be the hottest looking bunch of male staff I’ve seen in one place! And they were attentive to boot, even providing me with a handbag hook at the table when my bag kept on sliding off my chair.


But what about the food I hear you ask? The menu is pretty extensive so we left it up to the regulars to order. La Petite Maison by their own definition is the home of Cuisine Nicoise and is based on the concept of sharing plates that’s served as and when it’s ready. Now I’m no foodie, I pretty much eat to live rather than the other way around, but even I have to say that everything that came out of that open plan kitchen was pretty damn good! The food is simple but full of flavour – I even found myself trying stuff I would normally never eat. Like the Octopus In Lemon Oil – sliced so thinly it practically melts in your mouth or the Venison Tartare. Their best selling starter Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil was divine. Needless to say, I was a happy bunny by the end of the meal.


Hot staff & great food aside, the place gets really busy and somewhat loud so I wouldn’t recommend it for an intimate dinner for 2 (on the weekend especially) because they really pack you in. The tables are really close together so there’s not much personal space and you might get bumped around a bit. They also work on a 2 hour turnaround time which might leave you feeling a bit rushed through your meal. But if you like a bit of atmosphere, La Petite Maison is great for a night out. Will I be back? Most definitely!


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